It's well known that we use only 10% of our brains potential. Your body consumed calories to maintain that wasted 90%. What if there was a way to turn that excess into something more fiscally valuable? Coin-cussion is here to disrupt your neural network and let you cash in!

Created with crypto enthusists in mind

Who is the creator of Coin-cussion? We only know him as Dr. D. P. Gumby, renowned British expert and winner of the Dolore Cerebrum award. He realized that while blockchain networks offered global enterprise-grade transactional feasiblity, it suffered a wide consensus of uncertainty due to multi-quarter instability WRT multi-vector cryptoid analysis.

Instead of providing proofs by plotting cyclic refactors of the Nakamoto conjecture, what if we instead embraced entropic neural refactoring with hemoglobic injection by means of tangental momentum exchange? The patterns could be interlocked via simple home electroencypalogram graphing against an four dimensional Quadrille plain with assertions or conflict resolved via computed tomography.

PoICP is the future

PoICP (Proof of Intracranial Pressure) uses your body's unique profile to ensure that the rewards of your efforts remain with you, for the rest of your life. There's no way for someone to pretend to be you as you rack up more and more Coins-cussion. While we can't disclose any plans that may be under discussion, we note that a successful, multi-industry billionare recently discussed a brain implant chip which could be used to calculate Coin-cussion earnings.

Why is Coin-cussion better?

Coin-cussion is the greenest cryptocurrency on the market. It requires very little power compared to the others and is self sustaining. It's powerful, easy to audit, and once you start to invest heavily, you'll become increasingly certain you made the right decision. What's more, others, even those who don't invest will cheer you on.

The only Coin that gets more interesting, the more you invest

So, how do you cash in on this before the rush?

Our online shop will soon be open and offering custom crafted, sustainably sourced, PoICP induction mallets. These are comfort focused, 2 kilo implements, hand crafted by members of the Pongo pygmaeus tribe in Borneo.