Congratulations! According to the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the fact that it says "unauthorized" right in the URL, you've gained access to a protected part of this interstate communications computer and retrieved information.

What information, you ask?

My favorite color is blue.

You now have the means to attempt to secure access to personal information by attempting to answer a security question I may have answered with that element of data.

Yay, you!

What's even better is because you've violated the CFAA, you've also violated the PATRIOT act. And you thought getting through TSA was a hassle before...

Granted, I'm not about to prosecute you, and honestly, the feds have a lot more on you than just this little felony, but you might want to mention to your elected official that spending 10 years in the pen for clearing your cookies is not really a great law.

In the mean time, please feel free to know that you are a hardened criminal and possibly a terrorist.